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Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I was so worried that I was going to be wheelchair bound, thankfully I survived it

A friend recommended that I see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic a few months ago. I suffered with crippling arthritis and could not eat at all. I went down in health so quickly and felt very weak. I had two back operations in the past and required a belt or brace to support my back. I had laminectomy done twice on my back in hospital when medication and injections failed to relieve my back pain. It was a surgical procedure where the outer layer of my spinal bone was removed to relieve the pressure on the nerves on my back bone. I was dependent on a stick to move around but that did not last very long because my back and legs grew weaker for me to continue walking. I was signed-up as being disabled!

When I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic, I was not eating at all. My son had to bring me to see him. I was very weak; I could not tolerate food and was in much pain. My skin was dry and I felt dehydrated. He straightaway put me on an eight week natural health programme after doing an assessment on me and a live blood test. I was recommended to eat small amounts of certain types of food. I took some natural vitamins and a blood cleanser to supplement my food. I took some natural protein drink to build my muscles. He showed me how to do some exercises and I had to do it every day to strengthen my overall body. I washed my body with a natural gel and applied a body cream with vitamins twice daily.

I started to gain my appetite in the first week and my strength started to come back. I ate the foods, took the vitamins and did my exercises every day at home. I am so thankful of the change I experienced after seeing Doctor Stephen Ferguson. In two months, I removed my back brace and walking stick! I can actually walk without any aid or support from other people. My pain has disappeared completely. My skin looks brighter and so much better than what it was! I am truly a walking miracle! I suffered with crippling arthritis and back problem for 15 years. My GP and hospital doctors could not help me much and did not give me any exercise therapy and as a result stiffness and horrible pain. Under Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s guidance I did my therapy exercises I feel energised and I eat and sleep well at night. My doctors truly marvelled at my recovery. I now go to Doctor Stephen Ferguson regularly to maintain my care and health. My children have since brought other family members to see him. God bless you Doctor Stephen Ferguson. You are truly God’s gift for people who are left without hope!


Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Back injury treated and I am also able to gain muscle tone, unbelievable

I was recommended by my Mum to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic.  I suffered from recurrent back pain, low immune system that made me feel generally unwell at least one in two weeks!  I was also not heavy enough to play football professionally which is my passion.  I was breathless most times, more than I should be.  I lead a very active lifestyle and regularly do cardio exercise but somehow, my health was not that brilliant and I struggled in gaining muscle weight.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson did a full body MOT and live blood analysis for me.  He also put me on an eight week natural health programme.  My goal was to gain weight, boost my immune system and treat my recurrent back problem.  I took the recommended natural blood cleanser, natural vitamins and protein drinks every day.  I had to change my exercise routine to develop a stronger back and then went on to do exercises to build muscles because I did not want to add fat to my weight.  I went on a diet programme and kept to it for eight weeks.

Over the weeks, the strength in my back returned, I was able to push myself to achieve quality muscle tone with further exercises and I noticed my breathing got easier.  I returned to playing football once again.  I came back to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson twice and there were amazing results with health and wellbeing.  I felt brilliant.  I topped up on my natural products and eventually gained a stone in muscle weight and I was very pleased with myself.  It was a struggle in the past to gain weight.  I had to be careful not to gain fat but quality muscles to keep me going on the football field.  I have not been ill since being on the health programme.  I ensured I kept to the prescribed diet plan everyday and have maintained it even today.

I recommend Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s eight week health programme.  If you are serious about taking up sports in a professional way, then visit him, I still see Doctor Stephen Ferguson now and again to ask advice and direction with my exercise routine and top up the natural protein drinks.  I feel very energetic and brilliant in myself. The prescribed diet has become part of my daily food intake even after the eight week programme.  You have to stick to it to see the results!




Doctor Stephen Ferguson-Life is so amazing when you are healthy, I feel healthier than I have ever been

I think Doctor Stephen Ferguson is one of the best things that had happened in my life!  I suppose you can say that I am ever so grateful to him for changing my life round to one of health and wellbeing.  I was struggling with my weight for a long time, experience frequent breathlessness, poor circulation and the occasional passing of small amounts of blood in my stools due to constipation problems.

One day, my friend recommended that I go see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic.  He heard of a couple of people including some relatives of his that were treated free from drugs and medication was happy with the result.  I was feeling poorly and irritable that evening and decided to cut the night out with my friends.  My close friends know how much I enjoy going out with them once every fortnight and know I was troubled with my health. I checked Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s website and booked an appointment with him the next day.

I saw Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic in London.  I told him about my health problems and my struggles in the past to lose weight.  He did a full body MOT and a live blood test on me.  It was amazing to see my blood life on screen in front of me!  But it was not telling a good story as to how I was treating my body and my general poor health.  I was determined to change things round.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson put me on an eight week natural health programme.  I took vitamins, a blood cleanser, a protein drink and changed my diet to the foods I was to consume on a daily basis.  I had to religiously do my prescribed exercise programme one daily and then increased to twice daily when I regained more energy in my body.

I can’t tell you enough how this programme has worked so wonderfully for me!  I lost a stone in two weeks and by the end of the eight week programme I lost three and a half stones in weight.  I feel

light on my feet, I don’t suffer from breathlessness, even upon exercising!  I feel bright and I had to buy some new clothes which I am not complaining about!  I realised, I had to change my overall lifestyle and stick to routine.  I continue with the programme and top up my protein drinks and other natural products from Doctor Stephens Ferguson’s Clinic.  I recommend him to my friends and relatives.  Thank you so much Doctor Stephen Ferguson, you really helped me to change my way of life after a long struggle with my weight!

You have to see and feel the amazing results yourself!


Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I was so unhappy when I suffered with graves disease but it is completely treated. Amazing!

I was diagnosed with Graves disease after a number of tests at the hospital.  The onset of Graves disease is caused by overactive thyroid glands that produced too much hormones.  It tends to affect women more than men, so I was surprised when I was diagnosed with this condition!  I was informed that my condition was quite easy to treat and in some cases it goes away for several months or years.   I had to take tablets to control the excess hormones produced by my thyroid glands.  However, I felt generally unwell again and returned to my GP who then referred me to the hospital for further tests.  This time, I was told that I required radioactive iodine therapy if my condition worsened.  I was shocked to hear that and was uncomfortable to take any radioactive stuff and promptly refused the proposed treatment.  The side-effects if I underwent the radioactive treatment would have still brought me back to the hospital if not sooner, later with side effects to deal with!  I thought Grave’s disease usually did not have long term side effects and my symptoms should go away with the tablets prescribed by the Doctors.

By chance I heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson and the Natural Health Clinic over the radio one day.  I looked up his website and thought I would give it a try since the treatments were natural.

I am so very pleased that I met Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the clinic.  He put me on a prescribed diet and I took some natural vitamins and a blood cleanser to clean up my blood cells that were full of gunk!  I did exercises that were prescribed to do at home on a daily basis.  Overall, I saw an amazing improvement after just two months on the programme.  My condition disappeared.  It is now three months that I am off my thyroid tablets!  I feel healthy, I don’t seem to catch colds, I don’t have the shakes and feeling anxious.  I have gained a healthy weight after losing quite a bit in the past.  My don’t feel my heart beating rapidly, scared and experience sweaty and clammy hands.  I have adequate energy levels to do what I need to do throughout the day.  I only feel tired when I have done too many things in that day!

I recommend my children, relatives and friends to Doctor Stephen Ferguson for the marvellous job he did on me and I am so very pleased not have underwent the radioactive therapy!  I healed the natural way.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson- High blood pressure, dizziness and heart palpitations disappeared

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic a few months ago.  My wife visited him at the Natural Health Clinic last year and was very pleased with the result when her health problem was resolved by Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  I was feeling generally unwell so my wife booked a consultation for me and we went together to the natural clinic in London.  I was suffering from high blood pressure and experienced headaches, dizziness, occasional heart palpitations and general lethargy.  I felt run down most of the time.  My GP put me on high blood pressure tablets.  Several months ago, my symptoms became frequent.  My GP increased the dose of my pressure tables.  It didn’t make me feel any better, it made me dizzy and sometimes unsteady on my feet when I stood up from a sitting position or getting out of bed.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson did a full body MOT and a live blood analysis on me.  He immediately put me on an eight week health programme.  I was prescribed some natural supplements and a blood cleanser to take on a daily basis.  I took other natural vitamins that were prescribed.  I changed my diet to include all the necessary foods listed out by Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  I also had a gentle exercise routine to do at home on a daily basis.  I went back to see him four weeks into the health programme, my blood pressure reading was reduced, by then my headaches and dizziness had also disappeared.  I stopped taking the blood pressure tablets that were not working from me and continued another four weeks into the natural treatment.  My blood test looked better than what it was following the natural blood cleanser I that I took on a daily basis.  Now I feel confident, energetic, my blood pressure has gone back to normal.  During my routine check with my GP he commented that my condition has greatly improved and he cut down my pressure tablets way down.  I told him I wasn’t taking it at the moment because I felt ok.  I informed him I was treated naturally and intend to keep with it because I felt energetic, no heart palpitations, headaches and dizziness.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson was really good to me.  I recommend his treatment to my friends and children too.


Doctor Stephen Ferguson- High blood pressure and overweight in control now, I am so happy

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic because I had high blood pressure and as a young woman, I was conscious of my weight.  I could lose a good couple of stones in weight but needed some guidance, motivation and a routine to get me going.  I was also worried that at my age, my blood pressure was high. I was unsure if it was due to me being overweight or that I am a constant worrier and may be perhaps eating too many comfort foods!  I wasn’t on any blood pressure tablets but I wanted my blood pressure to be normal and I wanted to be livelier with energy.

I went for my consultation at the natural clinic.  He did a live blood test and other tests as well.  He asked me if I wanted him to be straight with me or just general advice and guidance.  I bit the bullet and said plain and straight would do for now!  My blood results were not good and my blood pressure was elevated when taken on that day.  He went through details of my lifestyle and general habits.  He pointed out to me if I continued without changing; he listed the health problems I was going to encounter at my age which did not include just high blood pressure but other health completions in my life.  I was pretty astounded with the amount of sugar I was consuming on a daily basis.  I was tired most of the time and consumed foods and especially pick-me-up drinks with high sugar content to boost my energy.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson put me on an eight week health plan.  I had to change my eating habits completely and be more aware of what I was consuming on a daily basis.  He prescribed foods that will boost my energy.  I had to exercise daily at home and a couple of times in the week at the gym.  I also took some natural protein drinks before and after exercising.  I was given a blood cleanser as a supplement to take on a daily basis.  It was difficult in the first couple of day but with determination and engorgement from the home front I started to progress with the health plan.

Today, I am so please to say that I have lost three stones in weight after eight weeks!  My raised blood pressure is a thing in the past after checking it twice during the programme.  I feel lighter on my feet with loads and loads of energy.  I actually like doing my exercise now because of my raised energy levels.  I also enjoy the foods that I eat on a regular basis that are healthy and I do not need to crash diet which did not do me any good in the past because I piled on the pounds quickly.  I intend to keep on with programme because it is a healthy way to live my live.  I recommend Doctor Stephen Ferguson to my friends and family now.  If there are any crash dieters out there who needs help, plain talking and a healthy routine to get you going, then try Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  His approach is a way to lose weight and maintain with a natural healthy diet, exercise routine and natural supplements to tone the muscles and provide more energy to the body.






Doctor Stephen Ferguson- My itchy skin was making me irritable, now it is all clear

I suffered with swollen glands, pain and itchy skin for five years.  I went to see my GP who then referred me several times to the hospital for further tests but unfortunately they could not find what caused my problems.  I went back for more tests whenever I experienced pain but they still could not find anything!

A friend of mine recommended that I see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic in London.  I was getting exasperated with my condition and irritable because of my itchy skin.  Sometimes I am unable to get a good night’s sleep because the itch bothered me at night and get up feeling tired and generally unwell.

I booked an appointment to Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic.  He did a full body MOT and a live blood test.  My blood test was not good at all.  The blood cells were very sluggish and there were particles that were congested the movement of my blood cells.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson immediately put me on a specific diet and provided some natural supplements to take with my food.  I was given a blood cleanser to take twice daily.  I also used a natural shower gel for cleansing my skin and a cream containing some vitamins to rub all over my skin twice daily too.  I also ate the foods that were recommended to me by Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  To get my circulation going again, he prescribed some gentle exercises to do at home.

After a week and a half into the programme, I saw improvement!  My itchy skin started to calm down and subside.  In the second week, the swelling in my glands subsided.  I was so pleased with my progress.  I continued with the programme faithfully for the entire eight weeks.  Wow!  It is amazing!  I feel like a new woman.  The swelling, itchy skin and pain are completely gone!

I am so grateful to Doctor Stephen Ferguson for his invaluable help in getting my health back!  I feel energised and sleep well at night.  My skin looks conditioned and healthy.  The marks on my skin over prolonged scratching have healed with minimal scarring.  The natural products I consumed over the eight week programme were fantastic.  It is amazing how I feel and look now!  Don’t leave it too for too long if you have a health problem, come as soon as you can to the Natural Health Clinic!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson- My overall health has improved

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic because I was feeling generally unwell.  I was overweight and five to six years ago; I had a myomectomy where my enlarged fibroids were surgically removed but they returned!  My cholesterol levels were very high too.

I booked a consultation with Doctor Stephen Ferguson and he did a full body MOT and a live blood test on me at the Natural Health Clinic.  I told him that I would like to lose weight, concerned about my recurring fibroids and high cholesterol.  I needed some help in improving my overall health, preferably the natural way.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson put me on an eight week health programme.  I was provided with a diet and exercise plan to incorporate in my daily life.  I was given some natural products to complement my diet such as a green natural pH blood cleanser in powder form, some health drinks and other natural vitamins.  I was prescribed an exercise routine to do twice daily at home.  I changed some of the foods I ate on a regular basis to one that was recommended by Doctor Stephen Ferguson.

Two weeks into the programme, I felt more energy in my body and in the fourth week, I felt lighter, and revitalised.  It was an overall good feeling.  I went back for my check-up and was glad to hear that my cholesterol levels were reducing and I had lost a stone and a half in weight.  I was very pleased about the results.  By the end of the eight week health programme, I also found out that my fibroids had shrunk rather than continued growing.  I was over the moon to receive this news because I was dreading to go back for another myomectomy!  I lost another stone and a half and my cholesterol levels went right down to normal levels too.

I am so pleased with my overall improvement in health and would recommend Doctor Stephen Ferguson to anyone out there who prefers to be treated the natural way to a healthier lifestyle.  I also recommend him to my friends and family too.



Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Research on Fibroids and uterine Fibroids

Research on Fibroids and Uterine Fibroids




Introduction: What are fibroids and uterine fibroids?


Fibroids are growths or tumours that can occur in any organ of the body.  The term ‘fibroma’ is also used to describe a fibroid tumour which usually does not need to be removed from the body unless they are harmful or cancerous.  Fibroids are made up of fibrous or connective tissue that can be hard or soft, non-cancerous or cancerous and may potentially appear on the skin (sometimes called skin tags), in the body such as the lungs, spinal column and womb (uterus).

Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are given specific names by the location of where the growth appears in the body.  A growth that originates from the smooth muscle layer of a woman’s uterus is called ‘uterine fibroid’ and is usually non-cancerous.  It is common amongst women of middle and later reproductive years.  The term ‘uterine leiomyoma’, ‘myoma’, ‘fibromyoma’ and fibroleiomyoma all describe non-cancerous or benign tumours found in the uterus or womb. In very rare cases, a cancerous growth or malignant tumour called ‘aleiomyosarcoma’ may potentially appear in the uterus.

Fibroids that appear in the uterus vary in size and usually multiple.  Some are similar in size of a pea which you may not know are there or grow in size of a small melon and cause heaviness and swelling in the pelvis, discomfort and pain.  Uterine fibroids can grow and increase in size but they can also decrease in size or go away in time.  They can be felt in the lower abdomen or pelvis when they are large enough to cause symptoms.  Uterine fibroids that grow can potentially cause painful and heavy periods, back pain, a woman may experience discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse, frequent and urgent need to urinate and constipation.  In extremely rare cases, fibroids may cause infertility and during pregnancy.

Types of uterine fibroids

There are four types of common fibroids that can occur within the womb.  They are:

  • Intramural fibroids

These fibroids grow within the muscle tissue in the wall of the uterus (womb) and are the most common place for fibroids to occur.  When these fibroids increase in size, it tends to make the uterus feel larger than normal and can mistaken for weight gain or pregnancy.  It can cause prolonged and excessive menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain and the passing of blood clots.  The additional pressure placed on the surrounding organs by the enlarged growth may potentially cause urgent and frequent urination.

  • Subserous (subserosal) fibroids

These fibroids grow from the outside of the wall of the uterus and into the pelvis and can grow in size.  The growth can put excess pressure on the surrounding organs and cause pelvic pain and pressure rather than causing heavy and excessive bleeding during menstruation.

  • Submucous (submucosal) fibroids

These fibroids grow from the inner wall into the middle cavity of the uterus and are the least common of the various types of uterine fibroids.  As the growth enlarges in size, it can potentially block the fallopian tubes which can cause complications with fertility.  Submucosal fibroids can include excessive menstrual bleeding and prolonged menstruation.  It can also cause the passing of blood clots, which left untreated can cause problems such as anaemia (iron deficiency) and fatigue.

  • Pedunculated fibroids

These fibroids grow from the outside wall of the uterus and are attached to it by a narrow stalk.  It can also grow from the inside wall of the uterus.  Pain and pressure can be felt when the stalks twist.

A woman may have one or all of the fibroids mentioned above.  It is common for a woman to have multiple fibroid growths and it may be difficult to know which fibroid type is causing the symptoms.

Why do uterine fibroids develop?

Although many researchers have been done in the past, the precise causes of uterine fibroids are unknown.  It is also unknown what causes it to grow and shrink but it is known to shrink once a woman reaches menopause.

It is also is known that uterine fibroids are maintained and managed by the production of oestrogen and progesterone levels in the body.  Uterine fibroids grow rapidly when the oestrogen hormone levels are high in the body.  Oestrogen is the female reproductive hormone that are produced by the ovaries in the reproductive organs.

What the symptoms of fibroids?

Most women may not display any symptoms at all and may probably be unaware they have uterine fibroids.  However, some women may feel swelling, tenderness and pain around the pelvis area.  Women who have uterine fibroids may experience the following symptoms:

Heavy menstrual bleeding

  • A woman may experience a sudden gush of blood or flooding.
  • Prolonged menstruation which disrupts the regular menstrual cycle. Periods may be ten days compared to four to five days previously.
  • A woman may experience large blood clots passing through her vagina, probably the size of a 50 pence coin or possibly more.

The symptoms above can be distressing when experienced during menstruation.  It restricts daily activities and work.  Tiredness and discomfort are often experienced during this time.


  • Iron deficiency
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Dizziness
  • General weakness in the body

Excessive bleeding during menstruation may potentially lead to anaemia.  It is a condition that depletes the mineral iron required to maintain a healthy level of red blood cells in the body.  Iron is required to produce red blood cells which help store and carry oxygen in the blood.  Reduced red blood cells in the body will provide insufficient oxygen required by the organs and tissues in the body and may lead to fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration and general weakness.


  • Pain and cramps experienced in the lower abdomen and pelvis area during menstruation
  • Passing of large blood clots through the vagina during menstruation
  • Lower back pain

Large blood clots can cause severe pain and cramps.  Large fibroids that press against the lower back or lumber and sacral nerve may lead to chronic pelvic pain.

Pressure related on nearby organs in the body

Large sized fibroids may potentially apply pressure on the nerve and blood vessels which can lead to a dull ache and varicose veins.  Pressure from large subserosal fibroids can potentially lead to the following symptoms:

  • Increased frequency to urinate.
  • Urgent need to urinate but only small amounts are passed out.
  • Leaking and dribbling of urine.
  • Occasional cystitis occurs when the urine is trapped and later becomes infected.
  • Constipation and haemorrhoids caused by pressure on the rectum.
  • In severe cases, difficulty to pass urine may require a catheter to be inserted into the bladder to urinate.

Painful and discomfort during sexual intercourse

A woman may experience discomfort and painful sexual intercourse when the uterine fibroids press against the cervix or they may hang through the cervix into the vagina.  Bleeding may also be experienced.


Who is at risk of uterine fibroids and are they common?

There are no confirmed risk factors; however it is known that fibroids are common in women that are of child-bearing.  It is also common in women in their thirties and increasingly progresses into the menopause phase.

The risk of uterine fibroids is increased:

  • With increasing age, it is common to develop uterine fibroids in women.
  • Develop in women from age 30 to 50.
  • Can run in the family line of females.
  • Women who have had children have a lower risk of developing uterine fibroids. The risk decreases further with more children.
  • The risk of uterine fibroids increases in women who experienced early puberty and it decreases in women who experienced late puberty.
  • Weight gain and obesity. Women with a higher proportion of body fat who weigh over 11 stones (70 kg) are thought to be the probable cause in higher levels of oestrogen in overweight women.
  • Uterine fibroids are two to three times more common in Afro-Caribbean women and tend to be larger and numerous and usually benign.
  • The risk of uterine fibroids are likely unaffected by hormonal methods of contraception. Research has shown the effect of hormonal methods of contraception and the risk of uterine fibroids are conflicting and the effect is considered inconclusive by experts.


Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Too many drugs were my biggest worry, I don’t have to rely on them anymore

I suffered with severe rheumatoid arthritis for 16 years.  I was miserable with constant pain and stiffness, anaemia, heart palpitations and fell ill for a couple of weeks every month.  My family was very worried for me.  I constantly went in and out of the GP and hospital.  Over the years my painkillers were increased and the strength increased too.  In a matter of two to three weeks, I would have consumed 30 strong pain killers.  It also gave me some side effects, nausea, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations and constipation.  I really became so low and slept most of the time because I did not have energy and the pain and stiffness really got me down.  Thankfully my close friends were very understanding.  Sometimes I had to cancel at the last minute for any planned social engagements with them.  They always saw me as an ill person because I was ill most of the time!

My brother heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson and how he treated a friend of his and she swears by his treatment!  I got a call from my brother who booked and paid for my consultation with Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic.  I am ever so grateful to both my brother and Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  My life has totally changed and I feel like a new person.

I was given a live blood test and a full body MOT.  I was prescribed some natural supplements, a blood cleanser, health drinks, diet plan and an exercise routine.  I stuck with the plan and it put me right back to how I should feel with a healthy body!  It is amazing, I have not felt unwell in the last two months, I got rid of my medication that was killing my insides and did not have to take the strong pain killers.  This has been the longest time that I have not been ill or inflicted with pain and stiffness.  I just faithfully stuck to the natural health programme and got my body back.  I sometimes have tears in my eyes recalling all those wasted years of suffering and I am so grateful to Doctor Stephen Ferguson for saving my life.  I appreciate my health and wellbeing more so than I have ever done in my entire life.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson is amazing, totally recommended by me and if there are those who suffer the way I did, please go and see him.