Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I feared the worst for my life, that fear has all gone now

A couple of months back; I had a very scary experience.  I got up one morning and thought, this is strange, I can’t seem to feel my body.  I could not feel the movements in my back, chest and my stomach muscles, my right foot was numb and I could not feel my toes.  I thought I was experiencing just a normal pins and needles sensation that causes numbness for a short while.  I waited for a little while but it was just the same. I took the day off work and my wife took me to the GP.  He could not find a cause and referred me straight to the hospital and after a couple of weeks of tests; nothing could be determined what caused this problem.

I heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson on the radio.  I called him and booked an appointment to see him straight away.  He did a live blood test and massaged my body.  I took away some health supplements and a blood cleanser to clear my blood.  We did a couple of exercises to get the muscles in my body moving.  It was slow at first but eventually there was some movement.  He wrote down a couple of exercises I needed to do three times daily in short intervals.  I also took some natural protein drinks before and after two of the exercises.  I took some recommended foods to improve my strength.

After four weeks, I feel better now.  I can actually feel my back muscles moving.  I can actually feel the sensation in my chest, abdomen and legs.  I feel like my body has returned to me!  It was definitely a very scary and weird feeling to lose sensations in my body.  I am so thankful to Doctor Stephen Ferguson for saving my life!  I recommend anyone to see him with a health problem.





Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I was always worried about my little boy’s asthma, it is such a miracle that has gone

My son suffered with very bad asthma attacks.  It was so bad that I had to take him to hospital in the mornings because I really thought that he was going to stop breathing on me!  They would give him some nebulisers to calm his breathing down.  Two or three days later, a similar asthma attack comes back, this time at three o’clock in the morning.  I rushed him to hospital to get some help.  It was very frightening for my son and me.  At times I really thought that was it!  I am losing my son!  I looked around for some help and spoke to friends and family.  It was by chance I heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson and his natural clinic.  I called and spoke to him about my son and brought him to the Natural Health Clinic in London.

My son was given some natural treatment and was given a natural ph balanced blood cleanser to take twice daily.  He prescribed some foods for my son to eat daily.  My wife and I removed all other foods that were not helping with my son’s condition.   I am overjoyed now!  My son has not had an asthma attack in the last two weeks after the consultation with Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  No early and late night visits to the hospital.  I can sleep well knowing my son is ok.

I took my son back to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the natural clinic.  He checked him and his blood test was so much better after nine weeks.  He looks healthier and brighter.  He is more active at home and actually goes out to play with his other brothers.  The natural blood cleanser worked so well.  I got one for myself before my visit to Africa.  Usually I fall ill or feel run down.  But this time it was different!  I was able to enjoy my entire trip without falling ill.  I felt good.

I have a lot of faith in Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s treatment.  Now I recommend Doctor Stephen Ferguson to anyone I meet who tells me they have a health problem!  My son is a healthy and happy boy and nothing can beat that feeling he is ok!


Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I was ever stressed with my bad skin, now I am the happiest

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic because I suffered with high blood pressure.

I went to see my GP who prescribed blood pressure tablets to take daily but I experienced frequent dizziness and headaches.  I was also unhappy with the way my skin looked.  It was dry, patchy, itchy and oily in certain parts of my face. My skin tone was uneven. I would never go out of the house without applying foundation on my face!

At the Natural Health Clinic, Doctor Stephen Ferguson did a live blood test and a full body MOT for me.  My blood pressure was taken on that day and it was high.  My live blood results could be much better than what it was.  My blood cells were sluggish and weak.  I was put on an eight week health programme recommended by Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  I took supplements, a blood cleanser and other recommended products to supplement my health and diet.  I was also given a natural cream to apply on my face and body twice daily.  I used a natural shower gel as part of my cleansing routine on my face and body.  It made my face feel nice and comfortable.  It was not drying on my skin and it was not oily too.  So it was just right for me.  I changed some of the foods I was consuming on a regular basis and added what was prescribed in my diet plan.  I was given some exercises to do on a daily basis.  I followed the health plan for eight weeks.

In two weeks, I saw and felt a difference.  My skin improved tremendously.  It felt smooth and conditioned.  The patchy itchy feeling disappeared.   I returned for my checkup in four weeks, my blood pressure went down to normal and my blood results greatly improved.  I discontinued taking the blood pressure tablets and my headaches and dizziness disappeared too!

By the end of the programme, I felt like a different person.  I am so happy with the results.  Now I feel confident in front of people with or without my make-up.  I don’t need to wear foundation on my face or if I forget to wear it, it does not bother me!  I feel more energy in my body and healthy.  I lost some weight too as a result of eating healthy food and exercising regularly.  I can’t thank Doctor Stephen Ferguson enough for helping me cure my problem.  Now I speak of him at work and recommend friends and family to see him for any health problems they have.  It feels so much better to be cured the natural way rather than dependent on medicated drugs with its unwanted side effect!


Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I am back to my old me, all the stress is gone

I suffered with low blood count which caused fatigue and poor concentration.  I gained weight because my lifestyle was not conducive to one that was active.  I was tired, sleepy and felt sluggish most of the time. My skin looked dull and was dry.  I was worried that I was gaining more weight and my inactive lifestyle was not getting any better.

I heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson and the Natural Health Clinic through a friend.  I booked an appointment to see him at the clinic for a consultation.  He did a live blood analysis and a full body MOT on me.  My live blood results were very poor as expected because I had low haemoglobin or red blood cells which were not storing oxygen and nutrition in my body and as a result poor concentration and constant tiredness.  I expressed my concern with my weight problems. I felt low within myself as my weight increased.  Doctor Stephen Ferguson was very encouraging; he said that my problems will get better if I followed a prescribed eight week natural health programme to reverse my health problems.

I was given natural supplements to supplement my diet daily.  I also took a natural blood cleanser to cleanse and revitalise my blood cells.  A diet and exercise plan was prescribed and Doctor Stephen Ferguson showed me how to do each exercise on a daily basis in my own home. I changed my diet to include the foods that were prescribed to me.   Also used a non drying shower gel and a body cream with vitamins which I applied twice daily all over my body.

One and a half weeks into the programme, I felt better and brighter.  My skin looked so much better and conditioned.  The dryness was no longer visible.  What I liked about the cream was it gave a nice smooth shine to my skin and it looked brighter and healthy.  My energy levels felt better.  I took some protein energy drinks before and after exercises.  It increased my strength and muscle tone by the end of four weeks.  I was very happy with my improved results.  I lost a stone and a half in weight by the end of four weeks.  This really brightened up my day when I went for my checkup with Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  My blood results looked so much better and it looked more alive like how I felt.

By the end of the eight week programme, I was back to my normal self.  I lost another stone and feel lighter and energetic.  I am more alert and don’t need to take occasional naps during the day and I get up feeling rested and ready to face the day.

My life has changed and I am very happy with the overall result.  I continue with the programme because it has done so much for me in a matter of weeks.


Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Back Pain

Research on Back pain




Introduction – What is back pain?

Back pain is experienced by most people at some stage in their live.  It affects both young and old and the pain usually stems from the bones, joints, muscles and nerves in the spine.  Back pain may be caused by bad posture while standing or sitting for long periods of time, bending in an uncomfortable position or even lifting incorrectly.  Apart from causative injury to the back, internal health conditions that affect the gallbladder, pancreas and certain types of cancer and infections can cause a person to experience back pain.  Non medical conditions such as menstrual bleeding and pregnancy may also cause women to experience varying degrees of back pain.  Most people suffer pain in the lower back or lumbago.  Almost 80% adults suffer from lower back pain.

Back pain is a common problem but not always a permanent life crippling condition.  Severe and chronic back pain has adverse effects on employment status, relationships, mood, sleep, daily activities, mobility, general health and lifestyle.  Back pain usually improves in a matter of weeks or months but some people experience long-term back pain, one that keeps coming back.



What are the symptoms and types of back pain?

Back pain can be felt at any part of the segments on the spine ranging from the neck right down to the hips.  The pain can be felt in the upper, lower and middle region of the back and in different intensity.  It can be a sharp stab, piercing or burning sensation or a dull ache.   It can radiate to other parts of the body such as the legs, feet, arms, hands and shoulders. Generally, the pain may be acute or chronic, short term or long term.   It can be intermittent, constant or stay in one place in the back.  Apart from pain, other nerve like sensation may be felt; a weakness or numbness in the arms and legs may indicate injury to the nerves or tingling pins and needles like sensations in the legs, feet, arms and hands.

The symptoms of back pain are usually felt from mild to severe.  Acute pain takes up to 12 weeks to subside.  Sub-acute pain is the second half of the acute pain phase which is the duration between 6 and 12 weeks.  Chronic pain is when a person’s back pain goes beyond the 12 weeks and may potentially recur more than once at a later stage.

What causes back pain?

Some of the causes and symptoms of back pain are listed below.


It causes pain that radiates from the lower back to the thighs and leg.  The pain is caused by the sciatic nerve that is a large nerve extending from the lower back down to the back of each leg.  Pain is usually felt on one side of the leg.  Common symptoms include:

  • Burning or tingling feeling experienced down the leg
  • A shooting pain that is difficult to ignore when standing up
  • Constant pain on side of the buttock/rear or leg that worsens when sitting down
  • Weakness, numbness and difficulty moving the leg or foot

Slipped disc

A slipped disc is a condition that describes damage incurred in the disc of the spine.  It damages and presses or constricts the nerves in the spine causing the back to be uncomfortable, weak, numb and painful.  A slipped disc is sometimes termed as a prolapsed or herniated disc.  It is said, 95% of disc herniations are experienced in the lowest two lumbar of the spine.

A slipped disc is experienced when the outer case of the disc splits and the gel within the disc.  The damaged disc may apply pressure on the entire spinal column or a single nerve root that leaves the spinal column.  The pain may be experienced in the swelling area of the disc and other parts of the body that is controlled by the nerve that the disc is pressing or constricting.  It is unclear what causes the disc to degenerate, but is usually common as we increase in age.  Part of the aging process in the body causes the disc to lose fluid content causing it to be rigid and split.  Smoking is another indication for the disc to be inflexible and causes it to degenerate.  Some people may go through life not recognising they have a slipped disc problem even though they have one!


Back pain maybe a sign that a fracture has occurred in the spine.  Brittle, weak bones caused by osteoporosis are usually the culprit of this type of condition.  Osteoporosis itself does not present a symptom. It is a condition that makes the bones more susceptible to bone fracture.  It is a progressive bone disease that reduces bone mineral density and structure.  In the long term it proteins that make up the bones are altered causing fracture.  The World Health Organisation defines osteoporosis as a bone mineral density of 2.5 standard deviations or more below the mean peak bone mass measured by two x-ray beams with different energy levels.  These beams measure the energy levels of the bones when soft tissue absorption is subtracted out, as a result the bone mineral density can determined.

Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease categorised as primary type 1, primary type 2 or secondary.  Fractures caused by osteoporosis are one of the main reasons for back pain and sometimes disability for women post menopausal, also known as primary type 1.  The cause is the depletion in oestrogen production after menopause.  Primary type 2 conditions are usually referred to both men and women after the age of 75.  Secondary osteoporosis affects both men and women due to side effects of steroid induced medication on a continued basis for other health related medical conditions.


Lumbago is a type of back pain that affects the lower region of the back.  It is difficult to identify the precise cause of this condition. The pain is usually mild to severe or a general ache experienced in the lower back.  The onset of pain can be acute or chronic.  The pain is there in a matter of weeks in acute conditions and under chronic conditions it persists for three or more months.  There is the possibility of small tears and strains of the muscles and ligaments.  There are many complex muscles and ligaments that make up the anatomy of the back.  It is a struggle to determine the cause in the complexity of the back structure.

The symptoms of lumbago are:

  • Muscle spasms surrounding the spine causing it to be stiff in the back region
  • Inflexible spine to cause the body to bend forward and lean back
  • Severe spasm and pain experienced in the back may cause it to lean to one side casuing a poor posture or limp
  • Cause sciatic symptoms such as tingling, numbness and pain in the lower back shooting through the thigh and one side of the leg.

Most people will experience lumbago at some point.  If strenuous physical activities are required for work, younger people are susceptible to this condition and persist later in life as senior citizens.

Spinal stenosis

This is a condition that narrows the spine and causes pressure on the spinal column and nerves.  Most cases of spinal stenosis occur in the lower back in the lumbar region and may pain on the back of the leg.

There are several factors that induce spinal stenosis to occur such as the aging process, arthritic conditions mainly osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.   Other related possibilities are heredity and tumours in the spine.

Stenosis symptoms may also press the nerve that control the muscle power and the feelings and sensations in the legs.  Other symptoms include:

  • Pain when mobilising and walking
  • Clumsiness and frequent falls
  • Tingling, numbness and different hot and cold temperatures felt in the legs.

The causes and symptoms of back pain are exhaustive, some of the common causes are mentioned above.  To add to the list in no particular order: frozen shoulder, ankylosing spondylitis, whiplash, arthritis and cancer.

Who are susceptible or likely to have back pain?

  • Smoking – causes tissue damage in the back
  • Overweight and or Obesity – access weight exerts pressure on the spine and causes stiffness, general discomfort and pain to different areas of the back
  • Pregnancy – the extra weight of carrying a baby places additional strain on the back
  • Prolonged use of certain types of drugs such as steroids and corticosteroids induces to bone brittleness and fractures
  • Stress and depression causes unexplained back pain usually accompanied with headaches.


In summary, back pain has been reported to affect over five million people in the United Kingdom.  Most of them go on to develop chronic back pain and only two thirds recover from back pain.  An estimated 11% of adults, 5% of children suffer with acute back pain, which rounds-up 7.8 million people who live in the UK.  Senior citizens, women, poor housing and types of employments were indicators for people suffering back pain in the community.





Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Diabetes made me so tired and sick most of the time, fortunately all that has disappeared now

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson after a mate of mine convinced he has been cured of his diabetes after being on an eight week health programme prescribed by Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  I had to come and see for myself and booked an appointment the next week to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic.  I have been suffering with diabetes for fifteen years.  My blood sugar level was always swinging throughout the day but usually it recorded a high result.  I get tired, irritable sometimes sleepy, dizzy or have a sick feeling of wanting to throw up.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson did a live blood test on me.  I saw my blood cells on the screen.  It looked so slow and a lot of things in my blood.  I asked Doctor Stephen Ferguson if my blood could get better and he was very positive about it.    He also did further tests and treatment on me.  To change my blood to health blood cells, I had to change my eating and lifestyle habits.  Doctor Stephen Ferguson prescribed a diet and exercise plan.  I took some health supplements and a blood cleanser in the form of a green powder which I take twice daily while on the eight week programme.  I also took some energy drinks before and after I exercise.  Doctor Stephen Ferguson recommended and showed me step by step how to do these exercises at the Clinic.  I had to do these exercise for 20 minutes at home every day and increased it as I built up my strength.

Two weeks into the programme, my blood sugar level went down and I feel more energy in my body.  I went back to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson for a check up and my blood sugar level was down.  Its eight weeks now, my blood sugar level has gone right down and is normal.  I feel so much better health wise.  I lost a stone in weight and feel good about it.

I am very happy that I went to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  I feel so much healthier and feel more in control of myself which gives me more confidence.  I recommend Doctor Stephen Ferguson to other members in my family and since then, two of them are already on his health programme.




Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Hypertension nearly broke me down, but I am back on my feet now- live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic after suffering from high blood sugar and hypertension for a long time now.  I also suffered from groin pain, a tingling feeling in my stomach and eczema.  I heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson by chance one day on the radio and I thought this is the right man for me to solve my health problems.  I booked an appointment and two weeks down the line came in for a consultation at the Natural Health Clinic.


Doctor Stephen Ferguson did a full body MOT and a live blood test.  I saw my blood live on screen for the first time in my life!  It was fascinating but the results were not very good.  Doctor Stephen Ferguson took the time to explain to me what my blood was telling me about my health.  My blood pressure was high and so was my blood sugar level when it was tested.  I also told him about my groin pain and skin problem.

I was put on an eight week health plan.  My diet had to change from what it was at the moment.  I take some natural vitamins, a blood cleanser, a non-drying shower gel and vitamin skin cream to apply on my body twice a day.  He put an exercise plan to get her which he showed me how to do at the clinic and advised to continue at home on a daily basis.

Half way through the health programme, I started to feel an improvement.  I had more energy, my exercises started to get stronger because of the energy I had.  My diabetes and high blood pressure went down and remains normal and I’m only seven weeks into the programme!  My groin pain and tingling stomach discomfort has totally disappeared.  My skin looks conditioned and it feels healthier.

I also went back to my GP who reduced my diabetic and blood pressure drugs.  He was very surprised with my health and encouraged me to keep healthy.  I lost a stone in weight in 4 weeks and feel lighter on my feet.  Overall, Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s natural health regime worked so well on me and I am so pleased with the results.  I recommend him to relatives and top up on my health supplements just to keep up with the natural way to health and well being.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson- My life was a misery with extreme pain and tiredness, I am happy about my energy levels now-live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic following a family friend recommendation.  I was a lupus sufferer of thirteen to fifteen years.  The quality of my life was not great.  The problems associated with my illness were constant pain and extreme tiredness.  It was a challenge for me to be up in the morning.  I went to bed tired and I got up feeling tired before my day had begun!  I was on anti-inflammatory medication and steroids for as long as I can remember.   It gave me bad side-effects.  I gained weight, became irritable and suffered from hair loss.

Recently, I went to the Natural Health Clinic, where I was given a live blood test and a full body MOT.  The blood test was not brilliant.  My blood cells were almost dead like on the screen!  It shouldn’t look like that at all when compared to that of a healthy person!   I discussed my diet and daily lifestyle with Doctor Stephen Ferguson and what I hoped to achieve with my activities of daily living.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson put me on a natural health plan.  I was given multi vitamins, a blood cleanser and protein drinks to complement my diet.  I changed the type of foods I consumed on a daily basis.  I reduced the amount to specific foods and at regular intervals to maintain my energy levels.  I struggled but eventually managed to do daily gentle exercises at home.  I also used a natural shower gel and skin conditioner infused with vitamins on my skin.

By following the programme, it has enabled me to maximise my potential in life and to be able to live without so much pain.  I am not dependent on my pain killers as much as before following Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s health regime.  I feel one hundred percent better than what I felt before.  My energy has picked up so much and now I am able to do and get more involved with activities compared to previous constant tiredness and pain.  My skin and hair feels healthier and I lost weight, a stone and still continue to lose weight.   This was so good for me as I could not shed the weight as a result of the long term steroids I was on.

It has been a live changing experience for me since being on the health regime.  I continue the programme because I see and feel so different.  Energy, vitality and pain-less!

I totally endorse Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s health programme.  It has helped me with wonderful results and I’m sure he can help with yours too!




Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Painful ankle cured- Live blood analysis

I suffered with rheumatoid arthritis in the past.  In the year 2009, I was diagnosed with discoid lupus. I was put on anti-inflammatory and steroids which left me with horrible side-effects.  My condition is a type of lupus disease that affects and inflames my skin.  I was told by the doctors that women between the ages of 20 to 45 are more likely to catch this illness and also from different ethnic minorities.  I fall in that category.

I recall in April 2012, I was hospitalised with a terrible pain in my ankle.  Unfortunately, while I was in hospital I ended up with meningitis, pneumonia and septicaemia!  I was in a coma!  While I was lying unresponsive on my hospital bed, I could still hear the medical staff and family talking about me.  It was horrifying to hear the negative things they were talking by my bedside!  I could hear them saying that I was not going to come out leading a normal life.  I was going to be a cabbage!  My family was told to be prepared for the worse.  I was so angry with the care I received and what they did to me.  I came in with acute pain in my ankle but ended up with other life threatening conditions!

I am so grateful to God that I did get out of my frightful coma.  When I woke up, it was also a frightening experience for me.  I could not walk, talk, use my hands and walk.  I could not recognise my lower leg, it was unbelievably swollen.  I was in tears and panicked.  I spent another two and a half months in hospital.  I was eventually discharged home in a wheelchair, Zimmer frame and crutches.  They gave all the things to keep me down rather than the support I needed to get back on my feet and at least try to resume a normal life.  I felt as though I was written off from life by the hospital!  For a little while, I could not do anything much for myself.  I could not brush my teeth, dress myself, eat, use my hands and walk on my own.

I was determined to get better.  I heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson and the Natural Health Clinic from a friend.  I immediately booked and appointment with him and was taken by my daughter to see him.  He did a live blood test and other health checks.  I pleaded with him to help me to get better. Doctor Stephen Ferguson was very encouraging and a kind man.   He totally transformed my life in a matter of weeks.  I took natural vitamins, a blood cleanser, some energy drinks.  I was prescribed a diet and exercises to do at home. I went back for my health checks and was improving in leaps and bounds.  Compared to who and where I was, I can totally say I am 100% better.

In a matter of weeks, I can only describe myself a walking miracle!  I can brush my own teeth, feed myself, cook, go up and down the stairs in my home, and use my hands to dress myself.  I do not require my wheelchair or zimmer frame any more.  It is a miracle that I can walk on my own and not depend on family and friends.

Thank you so much Doctor Stephen Ferguson and God bless you for helping people like me.  I now recommend friends and family to Doctor Stephen Ferguson for any problems they have.  They see how my life has transformed from one of being a ‘cabbage’ to a blessed life of normality.




Doctor stephen ferguson- Heartburn, hiatus hernia completely treated- live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson after suffering with hiatus hernia problems for quite a while.  It was an uncomfortable problem that gave me heartburn and indigestion problems. I felt uncomfortable during the day and experienced stomach discomfort after eating.  I am so pleased to say that I no longer suffer with this problem now and this is after I visited Doctor Stephen Ferguson eight weeks ago.

When I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson for a consultation, he did a live blood test on me.  I found that very interesting as I have not seen my own live blood in front of me before!  Doctor Stephen Ferguson did a full body MOT and we discussed my lifestyle and eating habits.  I had to change my eating habits and add a simple prescribed exercise routine at home.  I was given some natural vitamins and health drinks to take.  To clean my blood, I took a natural blood cleanser on a daily basis.

Two weeks into the programme, I feel different and really good health wise. I have more energy and feel more alive!  My stomach discomfort and heartburn problems disappeared within a week and a half.   I returned to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson for a check up, my blood results showed good improvement.

I completed the eight week programme and feel so revitalised and fresh in body.  My health problem is history!  It no longer bothers me.  I intend to continue with the natural health programme and incorporate it part of my lifestyle.

I recommend Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s health programme to my friends.  I firmly believe that it works.