Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Losing weight boosted my self esteem

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I was over weight and fatigued. I was so fat that I lost my self esteem and confidence. My body was aching so bad, l had less energy. I made less effort to look after my health. I just kept taking pain killers after pain killers, but they never helped much.  I always felt I was not good enough in my appearance. I kept catching people staring at me whenever I was out and about. Sometimes I felt I was an embarrassment to my children because other children at school kept bullying them because of me, throwing comments like, ‘your mum is fat’, ‘you are fat like your mum’, or  some asking innocent questions like; ‘is your mum  ill’? I couldn’t go swimming with my children; even taking them to the park was hard.

With time this became a problem for me and my family especially my children.

I decided to do something about this dilemma. I joined a gym and started sessions, 3 days a week. One of those  days I meant another lady who was nearly my size. She had just been to see Dr Stephen Ferguson and she told me to go for a live blood test.

I did not waste time I booked an appointment and went to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. After the live blood test Dr Stephen Ferguson told me my blood was not good. He told me I had to join an 8 weeks programme, and as part of the programme I had to do daily exercise. I was determined to make the best out this programme. I took all my vitamins, changed my diet as Instructed by Dr Stephen Ferguson. After half way the programme, I lost 1.5 stones and I was over the moon.

I kept taking my vitamins and exercising, I kept shading that weight off. I was so pleased with myself; my confidence was getting better, felt really good about myself.  I was getting more energetic and was able to do a lot of things that was either so embarrassed to do or so tired to do never felt better taking my children out and about to play.

After 8 weeks I went back to Dr Stephen Ferguson for another live blood test, but this time the results were good. I never felt so healthy like this, I eat healthy and drink healthy. The aching is completely gone now, the dizziness is also gone. I still take my vitamins and exercising is part of my daily routine. My family and friends are so proud of me especially my children. I have told my friends about this programme and how important it is to go for a live blood test. I keep getting compliments about how great I look.

Dr Stephen Ferguson has done wonders; he has helped me lose a lot of weight I never imagined would ever be able to lose. Now I am working on maintaining the new me.





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