Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I am a better person since my diabetes was treated- live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from diabetes for over fifteen years. I was always on Insulin and various strong medication which made me very tired. I developed a swelling on my ankle which left me with a lot of pain. I was so fatigued and all my body was aching. I had severe headaches and severe dizziness. I had to cut off all my hair at one time hoping that I would feel better without it, but it made no difference. My sugar levels kept changing which was worrying me. And to make matters worse I badly hit one of my toes and it got a cut. The cut developed into a big sore and it left me almost disabled. I could barely move my foot, it hurt so bad. I was going through agony, very helpless, could not do even the basic things for myself. I became very depressed about my illness. I kept wondering if it would ever get better. My worst fear of all was not being able to wake up one day and not being in the position to be there when my children need me and not being able to watch them grow.

A friend of mine recommended me to Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test at the Natural Health Clinic. When I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, the live blood test showed that my blood was all clogged. I was put on 8weeks programme, taking vitamins and food supplements. Half way the programme, the headaches disappeared and my sugar levels went down. I felt a lot more energy and more healthy. My foot was getting better as well, I was able to move it around without much struggle and pain.

When I came  back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, he did another live blood test but this time my blood was better than the first time. Meeting Dr Stephen Ferguson was a blessing in disguise, I never  felt so much better in a very long time. I am able to walk without much pain, the swelling on my ankle has completely gone now. My diabetes has gone down. I have not taken any medication since I have been on the programme which is amazing. Its really wonderful, my friends and family are so happy to see me happy, and not having to worry about my medication all the time.

I can go to different places now without worrying about my condition or even my friends and family worrying about me. I am enjoying life and doing all the different things that I was limited to do with the sickness, especially with my children. We can go to children’s fun fairs, parks etc, all those places that I used to find so loud and noisy that they gave me a headache each time  I went there.

By the end of the 8 weeks I lost 1stone, this made me so happy and motivated me to lose even more weight because I know I can do it. I still take my vitamins and food supplements regularly. I also make sure I go for check ups very often at Dr Stephen Ferguson’s clinic. So far the live blood tests I have done show that my blood is clear.

I would recommend everyone who has not done the live blood test to come and do it at The Natural Heath clinic. It is a life changing experience. Dr Stephen Ferguson is wonderful.



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