Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I suffered from insomnia for a long time but so relieved it is cured- live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had suffered from insomnia for a long time and arthritis, also I would get hot flushes every so often. I could barely sleep at night. I could wake up every so often and stay awake for quite some time. My arthritis was so bad, I had pain all over my body. Waking up in the morning was a problem, getting out of the bed was difficult. It would feel like my bones had gone to sleep and could not wake up.


I had been told about Dr Stephen Ferguson but was a bit sceptical about visiting him at Natural Health Clinic, until one day I decided to make that first move. I decided to make an appointment to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. A friend of mine kept telling me about the live blood test but that did not prepare me well for what to expect. This one of the most amazing experiences I have to date. Sitting there watching  Dr Stephen Ferguson checked my blood live and it was amazing . My blood was so rough and full of  toxins and this made me a bit anxious. After that Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8 weeks programme, where I had to take vitamins and food supplements. He also advised me to eat as healthy as possible. I was determined to do my best so as to get the best out of the programme. My friend had advised me before I came on to the programme make sure that I stick to what Dr Stephen Ferguson told me.


Half way the programme, I noticed a change in the way I felt, I could sleep  longer than before, I could go a whole night without waking up or at least once which was way better than before. The pain in my joints reduced drastically and felt better, with more energy. Amazingly, by the end of the 8 weeks, I had lost 2 stones. I had wanted to lose some weight for a long time but I found it difficult until now. I was so happy, felt good within myself, felt happy,  was a better person, I felt like a huge load I had been carrying for some time had been taken off me. I felt lighter, I did not have to worry about going to bed with the fear of not sleeping, instead was s looking forward to having a good night sleep ever since I joined Dr Stephen Ferguson’s Natural Health Clinic. I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for check up, but this time when he did the live blood test my blood clearer and the circulation was great.


I would recommend the Natural Health clinic to anyone, the live blood test can save lives and Dr Stephen Ferguson is the best.



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