Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I was so distressed with back pain, now I am happy it is repaired- Live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had back pain. About a year a go I hurt my back while playing football, but the pain never seemed to go away completely. It kept reoccurring quite often and this became very distressing for me. It meant that I was not able to play football which I love very much. I was also limited in terms of exercising; I was not allowed to do cardio for example.  I would be ill every two weeks, no energy whatsoever. My immune system was on breaking point, very low. I tried physiotherapy but not very helpful either.


I first heard about Dr Stephen Ferguson on Galaxy Radio while doing his talk show. And after that I kept thinking perhaps I should go for an MOT. But then I finally decided to go for it. At first I was scared to see my blood live, but when I did I thought it was nice to do so. However my blood was not very clean and for this reason, Dr Stephen Ferguson advised me to start off with the 8 weeks programme, taking vitamins and food supplements. He also advised me to do some simple exercises which would help with my back problem. I was so keen on this programme and really excited to see the results at the end.  The very next day after I started the programme, I seriously felt more energetic than I was previously. As the days went by, I continued to feel better and better. My cardio improved quite a lot; I continued feeling better and better. I gained more weight, more muscle than fat which was brilliant. Half way the programme there was a massive improvement in the way I felt, I could sit on my computer for hours without actually feeling the strain like before, I kept streching myself a little bit each day. I kept up with the regular exercises as Dr Stephen Ferguson had advised and I am proud to see that the pain decreased a great deal. At the end of the 8weeks programme I was a completely different person, I would do my cardio with out any problems. I was also slowly training football without much hustle. I feel like a different person now, more energy and more enthusiastic.


The whole experience has been overwhelming, and I am still taking the food supplements and vitamins. I would recommend everyone who has not done the live

blood test to come and it. It is really well worth it and worth someone’s health and life.



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