Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Sinus and extreme fatigue gone! I feel revitalised!- live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson after attending one of his health seminars. I value my health so paid him a visit at his natural health clinic for a full body MOT and especially a live blood test. I have been suffering from sinus on and off for a long while and feel tired most of the time. I am not old but dont want to feel old in my body! I dread to think if I feel tired most of the time, what it would be like when I grow much, much older!

I get coughs and colds quite often. It takes a long time before it goes away. It affects my sinus problems even more. I get headaches, sometimes my face feel tender and at times swollen and painful. When I lie down I can feel like water dripping to the back of my throat. It makes my throat itchy and I cough and clear my throat so often that it makes it sore. Then my neck and shoulders get achy, I feel my head is heavy and sometimes I feel hot. It makes me restless at night, hardly have a good night’s rest. I feel irritable at times, especially during the morning. I constantly take painkillers to stop the headache. When I am in front of my laptop for a while, I feel light headed and sniffling most of the time. Sometimes, I stuff a tissue up my nose to stop the leakage. At times I have to keep on clearing my throat; it feels itchy and irritates the back of my throat. I come back from work feeling very tired. I eat and sometimes fall asleep in front of the television. I don’t spend much time with my son and help him with his homework. I get frustrated, because I just want to sit down quietly without feeling this heaviness on my neck and head.

When I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson, I explained to him about my sinus and tiredness and how it is affecting my life and causing me to be frustrated and irritable at most times. He put me on an eight week programme, I kept to it and completed it. I noticed a great improvement. I felt as if I had more energy to do things. I took an interest in what I did most times, rather than come home and sit by the television and close my eyes.

My sinus problem started to go away. My headaches stopped, the dripping behind my throat stopped. I did not have to keep on clearing my throat or coughing constantly. So the soreness behind my throat disappeared. My sinus was not painful and I stopped taking painkillers. I feel now that I am on my way back to optimal health. I spend time with my son in the evenings to help him with his homework. I can taste my food better especially when eating the family dinner. Its such a difference to be able to taste and enjoy my food. I do regular exercising without feeling tired when I get home.. Over all I feel so much better and don’t feel extra tired.

I am very happy that I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson. He really helped me and took the time to listen when I explained to him the problems I had. I highly recommend that you visit Doctor Stephen Ferguson if you have any health problems. He really takes an interest in you as a person, takes time to listen, motivates you and his eight week programme for me does work!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson; kidney pain, arthritis in shoulders gone, I gained weight after trying so hard, I achieved it!

My mate recommended me to come see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had some health problems. I was worried that I felt pain in my kidneys, stiffness in my shoulders due to arthritis and I was thin. I wanted to gain weight but found it very hard to gain weight. I was tired most of the time.

I sometimes experience pain or on my sides, sometimes on one side, sometimes both sides nearing the back. My GP thinks tells me most likely its to do with my kidneys, and asked me to see the nurse for blood tests. Quite a few blood tests were done but the pain still carried off and on.

I also have pain in my shoulders. Sometimes it is very painful, at other times it is mainly stiff and uncomfortable. In the night, it is hard to get a good sleeping position, I rub some ointment to keep it warm and try to fall asleep. In the morning I have to get up slowly without twisting and turning too much. Sometimes I put a hot wet towel to warm up the shoulders and neck so that I can move a little more quickly if I have work to do in the morning. By the time I get home, I am in pain, I have a headache and feel overly tired.

I try to eat my dinner well, because I hardly prepare a good breakfast because of the time I take to get ready in the morning. It is too slow. But by the time I get home, I prepare my dinner, I am so tired that I eat half of my dinner! I am losing weight even more so. As it is I am a slim built person. I was not happy with my overall health.

I am so glad I listened to my mate and went to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson. He helped me so much. God bless him! I told him of my side and back pain, shoulders and my weight loss. He did a live blood test and it was strange to see my blood cells on the screen! He put me on an eight week programme straight away. I kept to it. I took food supplements, vitamins and even did some exercise. In a week’s time, my pain stiffness was gone, I did not feel my pain very much in the shoulders. I really started to feel good about myself. I was able to prepare my breakfast, eat well during the day and evening. I even started to feel more energy. The pain in my side totally went away. I went back to Doctor Stephen Ferguson for another health check up and keep on taking my health products.

It really made me feel so good and I am totally thankful to Doctor Stephen Ferguson. I highly recommend you come and see Doctor Stephen Ferguson if you have any health issues. He is a good man, God bless him!


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