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Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Hepatitis illness and symptoms are no longer a misery to me! I feel whole again!- live blood test

I have been suffering from hepatitis C for a very long time.  I did not know that I had it until I went to the hospital for being sickly. I felt run down, always having flu, my body ached and at times I had a rash which I did not know how I got it.   I went to my GP, had many blood tests then was referred to the hospital and I underwent some treatments and medication.  I did not feel like I was getting better.  Sometimes I was ok, other times I was still sickly.  Sometimes, some of the medication did not help, I became worse.  I started becoming anaemic when I went for further blood tests.    I became depressed because my blood and liver were not good.  I did not feel as though I was getting any better.  I was tired most of the time, had no energy to do things and felt really miserable.  Going in and out of hospital was not a life I expected.  My appetite became poor, I suffered from stomach pain and my body aches became part of me.  I was told that hepatitis is not curable.  I can take medication to control it.  I did not want to accept that.  So I went to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  A friend of mine recommended that I see him for some help.  He was a natural doctor.

I visited the Natural Health Clinic a couple of weeks later.  I explained my long term health problems.  He did a live blood test on me.  It did not look good.  He put me on a health plan which I stuck to it.  I had to change my diet, do some exercise, took a blood cleanser daily and applied cream on my body.  He really encouraged me and was very understanding when I explained that I was feeling very low. In a matter of a month, I felt so much better.  My energy levels started to pick up.  I continued to take the blood cleanser and natural vitamins.  I took an interest in what I cooked and eat on a daily basis.  I even exercised at home.  My body aches and occasional fever went away.  I started to feel good.  My anaemia has gone.  I have more energy and I feel like my life is back again.  Thank you Doctor Stephen Ferguson. You are a life saver.  I’ve not had the signs suffering from hepatitis C.  Please go see Doctor Stephen Ferguson if you give up hope with your life.  He is truly a man that can help you.  He is a good Doctor.


Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Old age; body ache, high blood pressure and tiredness. I feel secure on my feet again! Live blood test

I am not young in body but unfortunately old in body suffering with aches and pains and the nagging high blood pressure!  I don’t expect miracles for everything to go away all at once but would like if my blood pressure and aches are more in control.  I see my Doctor regularly for health check-ups and blood tests.  My tablets keep on changing because sometimes my blood pressure keeps on giving me headaches, sometimes my heart and chest feels funny and I get dizzy spells.

My son booked an appointment for me to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  He heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson from attending a health seminar and also through some of his friends.  I went to see Doctor Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic with my son.  He is such a nice Doctor.  He was gentle and kind to me.  I am a bit hard of hearing but his voice is loud and he repeats back to me to make sure I understand even though my son was there to speak with him.  I told him about my pressure problems, the headaches, dizziness and also the aches and pains in my body.  I told him the main thing is for my pressure to go down.  And if he can help me with my pain the shoulder and knees.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson gave me a full body MOT.  He gave me a plan for me to eat, rest, simple gentle exercise at home, some drinks and vitamins.  He did a blood test on me and showed it to me on the screen.  It did not look very good I think, because Doctor Stephen Ferguson said he will check it again when I come in four weeks time.  My son also bought me a cream to put on my hands and legs.  My skin is very dry.

After a couple of weeks, I started to feel better.  My blood pressure has gone down so much.  I don’t feel scared or that terrible headache or dizziness.  I try to do the exercise at home to move my legs and arms.  I don’t feel that stiff.  After two months, I can say, I am so much better than what I was before.  The blood pressure still remains but it is not high anymore. My GP cut down my tablets.  I told him what I was doing and trying to do the natural way to help my health.

God bless you Doctor!  Thank you very much!