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Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Shingles, overweight, diabetes and high blood pressure problems resolved- Live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson after suffering from different ailments for a long time.  I had diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, shingles, and lethargy and to add to it, I was also overweight!  I have much more to live for, but my body felt otherwise!

A friend recommended me to see him.  She said that he is a natural health practitioner that treats a whole range of ailments with natural products, foods and treats the whole person.  I felt that was what I needed and booked an appointment to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic.

He did a live blood test on me which I found interesting.  I was used to doing a pin prick test to check my blood sugar level but have never seen my live blood cells in front of me and explained.  I felt like I was closer in understanding what my body was telling me which was not good on my first visit.  We discussed each of the health problems I had.  My blood pressure was usually high and my sugar level was usually all over the place when I am ill and in pain.  My arthritis flared up constantly, especially in my shoulders and knees.  Every year I constantly get an attack of shingles on my upper back on the left side.  It was painful and uncomfortable.

I gained weight with my non active lifestyle.  I try to eat the right foods especially with my diabetes, but when my arthritis plays up, I tend to stay at home and rest.  For some reason, even long rests and sleep makes me feel tired!

I was given an eight week health programme.  I took natural vitamins, health drinks and a blood cleanser.  I applied a natural cream on my body and used a non drying shower gel for bathing.  I was given an exercise routine to follow which I did every day at home. I also followed a diet plan eating regular meals every day.   In two weeks following the programme, I felt energy returning to my body and I felt lighter on my feet.  My arthritis was not as painful as before, especially in my shoulders.  I did not feel the morning stiffness which gave me the excuse to lie in bed longer in the morning!  When I came back for my check-up with Doctor Stephen Ferguson, my blood pressure dramatically dropped by 30 points and my sugar level was normal.  I continue with the health programme and I see massive difference.  I lost two and a half stones within eight weeks.  I am so pleased with the results and would recommend anyone with more than one ailment to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  He is truly marvellous with the natural cure!   I got my life back and am active again!


Doctor Stephen Ferguson – My old age aches and pains are in control and I feel right as rain! Natural health programme. Live Blood Analysis

I am a great grandmother, so it comes with no big news suffering from different ailments.  I suffer from diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, asthma, high cholesterol and pains in my legs.  I would like to better manage my health.  I know I am old but I always pray to God for more good days than bad days.  My visits to the GP and Moorfields eye hospital are frequent.  I keep to my regular checkups hoping to get better at least in some of my suffering.

My son recommended me to Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  At first, I was reluctant, I did not want to take more medication and add more medical trips.  My son explained that he was a natural health doctor and that I had nothing to lose to see him.  My son booked and paid for my appointment with Doctor Stephen Ferguson at his Natural Health Clinic.  I went to see him with my husband.

He did a full body MOT which included a live blood test and started me straight away on an eight week health programme.  He gave me some natural vitamins, health drinks and a blood cleanser to take on a daily basis.  He showed me how to do some gentle exercises at home.  We discussed the food that I eat regularly.  I had to change my eating habits to eating fresh health foods on a regular basis.  All I can say is God bless Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  I never ever felt so much better since seeing him.  I talk a lot about him to my friends at church.  I bring my great granddaughter and great grandson to see him.

My blood pressure which was always high in the past, reduced in just two weeks.  I was insulin and tablet dependent for my diabetes which was difficult to control.  In two and a half feels, I am off both!  My blood sugar level is normal.  My cholesterol level has improved and is still going down.  I went to see my eye doctor at Moorfileds after four weeks into the programme.  They are so surprised, my glaucoma has improved.  My doctor said I did not have to come back to see him in that year but to come back next January for a check-up.

My GP is astounded.   I was dependent on inhalers most of the time for my asthma.  This is the first summer I went through without having fever or my asthma was not so bad.  I was not dependent on my inhalers.  The pain in my knees was gone just before I completed the eight week programme.  I really really thank God for Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s miracle treatment.  God bless you!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Long term diabetic, hypertensive and arthritic sufferer feels superbly better after natural treatment! Live blood analysis

I have been suffering from hypertension, arthritis and diabetes for as long as I can remember! My arthritis was bad, painful to walk which limited what I can do in a day. I like walking. I meet my neighbours and have a little chat on the street or in the park, sometimes do a little shopping and come back and have a little cup of tea. Now, I have to be careful and not to overdo with the walking. I can take short walks but return home with aches and pain. I have to take my pain tablets, rest and wait for the pain to subside to a dull ache. I don’t enjoy walking the way I used to because now it is an effort. I stay home to rest and not overdo it. I also notice I get tired more easily even while resting in front of the television! Even going upstairs to my room became an effort! My son and daughter’s family are good to me. They now help me to do my food shopping when I am unable to go out and do it myself. When I take a rest, my joints especially my lower back and knees become painful and stiff. I have been going for physiotherapy for a long while but my pain was still the same or sometimes worse. I was disappointed and went back to consult my doctor. My next step recommended to me was to go for hip replacement surgery. I worried and feared that I may take a longer time to recover because of my other health problems, diabetes and hypertension.

I was recommended by a friend to visit Doctor Stephen Ferguson‘s surgery when he visited me at home. I decided to see him and am very happy I went to see him. In a week’s time, I could walk up and down my stairs. I noticed an improvement; I wasn’t dependent on my pain tablets as much as before. When I started walking again, I noticed, its only when I overdo it, I experienced an ache rather than extreme pain. I eat well and did what was recommended by Dr. Stephen Ferguson and feel so much better. Dr. Stephen Ferguson doesn’t specialise in one specific problem, like high blood pressure or diabetes or arthritis. He treats the whole man not half a person! He specialises on the whole person! I feel like a new man! I wholeheartedly recommend that you take the time to speak to Dr. Stephen Ferguson and see it for yourself!

Diabetes UK

Diabetes in some respects can be a life long condition but in many cases has been cured. Diabetes is a condition that causes an individuals blood sugar to become too high

There are approximately just over 3 million people aged 16 and over that are currently suffering with diabetes at the moment. Many people today are walking around suffering with diabetes and don’t even realise that they have actually got the disease.

In the majority of diabetes cases diabetes type 2 is the kind of diabetes that most people are suffering from. By 2030 it is estimated that approximately 4.6 million people will be suffering with diabetes if current trends continue out of that number of diabetes suffers 90% are suffering with diabetes type 2.

Some surveys have made estimates of there being around 850,000 undiagnosed diabetes cases

pre diabetes is when an individual has borderline diabetes and their sugar range is approximately between 7-9 regularly but haven’t quite yet developed full blown diabetes whereby their sugar levels are completely out of control, they are not usually diagnose as diabetics. If someone suffers from pre diabetes this could quite easily develop into full blown diabetes quite easily.

Just like any disease that is left unchecked it will get progressively worse so the earlier your diabetes is diagnosed the better. The signs if any that you may be developing diabetes are passing urine more frequently than you usually do, an unusual feeling of thirstiness on a regular basis and an ongoing feeling of tiredness. Your initial place to go when you have health issues is to your GP surgery but in most cases they may not be able to cure your diabetes problem but will give you drugs such as Metformin and gliclizine in the case of diabetes 2 and tell you that you will be on theses drugs for life. These drugs act on your pancreas and cause biological changes to start to happen in your body so what is actually taking place is the drugs are suppress in the glucose released in your body and eventually your body becomes dependent on these drugs which is fine if you don’t mind that sort of thing and you will more than likely be told that you will be on these drugs for life and that there is no cure for diabetes. Many people today have completely cured themselves of diabetes naturally but if you are going to go down that route make sure that you seek out a well trained practitioner………….

The main symptoms of diabetes

Urinating more often than usual mainly in the night

an extreme thirsty feeling

if you cut yourself the cut or wound takes longer to heal

you may get thrush which is itching around you vagina or penis and this can start to happen on a regular basis.

If diabetes is left untreated after a while you can start to get blurred vision and dry eyes. 

Diabetes type 1 can just come straight out of the blue and affect you extremely fast. it has been know to affect people within a few weeks or even a few days with regards to certain individuals…………..

the early symptoms of diabetes type 2 are quite difficult to recognise clinically so in truth an individual could be walking around for many years with diabetes type 2 and not even realise. The problem arises in the fact that when a persons level of sugar is high for a prolonged period of time this can start to cause circulation problems and over time necrosis to extremities of limbs and kidney failure.                    

What causes Diabetes

Situated behind an individuals stomach is the pancreas gland. This gland is manipulated by a hormone called insulin. A person that is suffering with diabetes finds it very difficult for their blood cells to break down glucose because the mechanism that should be moving the glucose into the cells is either in short supply or not functioning as it should. Food that has completed the digestion process in part is change to glucose and stored in the liver. It is then released into the blood with the view of the insulin from the pancreas transporting this glucose from the blood stream into the blood cells.