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Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Asthma and skin allergies calmed down greatly with natural treatment! My son is back to school! Live blood analysis

I brought my son to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson following my friend’s recommendation.  I took him to the Natural Health Clinic after many trips to the GP and my son was not getting any better.

My son suffers from asthma, skin allergies and painful boils on the head.  It got my son down; he became irritable and at times sluggish.  I found it difficult to manage him at home, sometimes I felt helpless when I see him unresponsive.  I let him be as he wants at times because I did not have the heart to be too strict with him.  He was not interacting well with his school mates; his school nurse had a chat with me about it.  His school work suffered because he was ill most times.

My son was on inhalers for his asthma.  He was also overweight.   I had to take him to the GP numerous times for his painful head boils which was treated with antibiotics.  His eczema played up constantly, especially on the arms and neck.  It was itch and weepy with scratch marks.

He did a live blood test on my son which fascinated him.  Doctor Stephen Ferguson was good with my son.  He got my son to talk about his problem and I could see my son responding well by offering more information to the Doctor.  He encouraged and motivated my son to take responsibility of his health condition at home and at school.  We went through the foods he ate and what wasn’t so good for him.  Doctor Stephen Ferguson put him on an eight week health programme.  It consisted of natural vitamins, a healthy diet plan and some exercises.

The results were great!  In one week, my son’s breathing and wheezing stopped.  He did not need to use his inhalers which were daily.  His skin on the neck and arms started to heal.  He made it a point to apply the natural skin cream prescribed by Doctor Stephen Ferguson twice daily.  My son lost weight, nearly a stone in two months which made him happy.  I treated him to some new clothes and that motivated him to stick to the health programme.

He was so happy to tell Doctor Stephen Ferguson of his progress in the next check up.  He has not used his inhalers since, the boils on his head has cleared up and no more new ones.  In his words to Doctor Ferguson, “ I feel happy, go for the challenge of being healthy”!

Thank you Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  You really encouraged and motivated my son and he is on the road to a healthier young boy!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson – I am so happy; fibroids, tiredness and high blood pressure are gone! Live blood analysis

I was recommended to visit Doctor Stephen Ferguson by my friend who was helped with her problem of fibroids and tiredness. I looked up Doctor Ferguson on the website. His clients reviews were also very good. So, I decided to make an appointment and see for myself.

I have been suffering from different ailments -fibroids, over tiredness and hypertension for some time.

My periods were heavy, sometimes it lasts for a week and half; I feel so tired and am in pain. Sometimes I feel so heavy and do not have the energy to go to work. I started to get worried because the problem was not getting any better and I could not afford not to work. It was too early for me to think of doing part time work. I do not want to feel old before my time for sure!

To make matters worse, I also suffer from high blood pressure. Sometimes I get headaches, painful ones or just a dull ache for a while and then it disappears. I make sure I get my blood pressure checked regularly but it is still the same.

I saw Doctor Stephen Ferguson. He did a live blood test on me and put me on an eight week health programme. I took a combination of health drinks, vitamins, blood cleanser and an exercise programme. A diet was recommended and I stuck to it for eight weeks.

I can’t say enough, how I started to feel better in such a short time! My regained my energy and felt so much stronger. I did not feel so tired, I managed to pick up on my exercising. My dreadful period pains started to to feel so much better in the next couple of months. I did not need to take a couple of days off work by the second month. I went back for my regular check-up with Doctor Stephen Ferguson and told him how happy I was to feel so much better than I was. Even my blood test showed such a difference, my blood cells look so much livelier, like it was dancing on the screen!

It made me believe that I could get better with effort on my part and Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s programme, health products together with his motivation and kindness. Thank you Doctor!

I will totally recommend Doctor Stephen Ferguson any day and definitely to family!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Psoriasis problems resolved after 5 years! Live blood test

I have been diagnosed and suffered from psoriasis in the last 5 years. I am 23 years old of Caribbean descent. I’ve been to the doctors and hospital for treatment but nothing helped for the problem to go away. I lost my confidence, self esteem and eventually became depressed. I kept away from people when I felt down.

My skin looked bad, spotted; sometimes it was blotches of rash like skin that was itchy, burning. My skin looked dry all the time and sometimes dry bits of skin peeled off and I noticed on my bed, chair and on the floor. It was embarrassing to go out. I had to wear clothes that cover well so that my problem wasn’t too noticeable when I went out. I had to be careful not to let my scaly skin fall in public eating places. I actually stopped going out to eat with friends. I was so embarrassed and got fed up with life!

I met Doctor Stephen Ferguson in one of his health seminars. My aunt encouraged me to go for the seminar and then decide if I wanted to make an appointment with him. During the seminar, he also did live blood tests. I was interested. After the seminar, I managed to have a quick chat with Doctor Ferguson, explained what I had and decided to make an appointment to see him at his health clinic.

I talked to him of my problem and my depression. He put me on a programme which I followed. I used the cream on my skin, drank the drinks that was recommended to me and changed my foods that I ate on a regular basis. I started to feel better and better inside me and my skin problem disappeared. My confidence returned. I could go out and socialise with friends and even started going out on dates without feeling embarrassed! I even started an apprentice job and am looking ahead to enjoy a better quality of life!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson really helped me. I am so grateful to him. If it hadn’t been for the health seminar and observing the life blood test, I would still be in the same. I stuck to the programme he gave me and have gone back to see him for check-ups. I’ve not had any flare-ups of my skin for the last one year! He is pleased to see my recovery. If you are young man like myself and suffer from psoriasis, I recommend that you visit Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s health natural health clinic or listen to his health seminar to make up your mind. I am glad I went!