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Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Abdominal pains that left me miserable for 4 years completely cured- live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic because I was suffering from serious abdominal pains for nearly four years, blurred vision and lung problems. I had very bad stomach cramps, sharp stinging pains at times, and when  the pain came, I could barely stand, I ended up walking like a woman in labour.  It was a very torturing experience. I was very wheezy most of the time and this would be worse once I got a cold or a cough. Eventually my vision also became very blurred. But the optician quickly gave me glasses, although I was still struggling once I took them off. I was still struggling at night and also when I was tired. My GP referred me to the hospital for check up, but unfortunately the doctors could not find what exactly was wrong with me. they kept on asking me go back on appointments for routine check ups In the meantime, They put me strong pain killers to see it that helped, but the pain killers would only give relief for a short period of time.


After a long period of suffering, I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for live blood test to begin with. But my blood was so bad that even Dr Stephen Ferguson was in shock. He said it was one of the worst he had ever come across. He put me on 8 weeks programme, taking vitamins and food supplement. He strongly advised me to change my diet, told me which foods to eat that are good for my body and my immune.


Amazingly by the end of the 8weeks programme, I was so much better. The wheezing and abdominal pains stopped right away. My vision has greatly improved; sometimes I can go without glasses even at night without much difficulty.  The second live blood test that Dr Stephen Ferguson did was so good, my blood was clearer and the circulation was good.


I still take the vitamins and food supplements. I would recommend everyone who has not been to The Natural Health Clinic to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson and do a live blood test. Sure it will make a difference to your life.





Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I thought my sinuses would never go, but I am happy they got cured- live blood test

I first heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson on galaxy radio. I was so interested in –what he talked about especially nutritional stuff. I had a history of sinus problems before and my Gp prescribed inhalers whenever they were out of control, especially when  I had  a cold or cough. I also had an old injury from football that resulted into sciatic problems. My left limb was so much in pain, but I didn’t want to take pain killers. I had so much pain especially back pain. It was difficult for me to sit for a long time. I was in so much pain that it affected me both mentally and physically. I could not walk for a long time without straining my back. Some times I had a sharp pain behind my eyes, nasal bones and cheeks. I also had severe headaches when ever there was an inflammation of the sinuses.  Each time I complained about the pain Gp just prescribed more and more pain killers but I did not take any. I did not want to take medicines, I just put them away.


I decided to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. This was the first time I ever did one, I was a bit nervous imagining what to expect. The live blood test results showed that my blood was not good. Dr Stephen Ferguson gave me nutritional advice, I had to change my eating habits and what I actually ate. I was put on  8weeks programme to start off and this involved taking vitamins and food supplements.


Few weeks after my initial visit, I felt better. I was so happy I felt better without the pain killers. The pain in my left limb was so much better now.  I could sit for a long time without my back hurting. I could even lift heavy stuff although carefully which I was not able to do before I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson. Amazingly I have rejoined the gym now to keep fit and can play football. By the end of the programme I felt my best. My sinuses were manageable; all the pain was no more. I came back after the 8 weeks for another live blood test and my blood was all clear. I will continue taking the vitamins and food supplements.


I would recommend Dr Stephen Ferguson to each and everyone who has not come to see him to come and do the live blood test.


Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Distressful diabetes treated successfully!- Live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic because of diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue. I had severe pain all over my body especially in the knee and left arm. My blood sugar was so high at times, that it left me terrified most of the time. Then I had a sharp pain in my knee that I could hardly bend it. I could not easily turn my left arm either, I felt un bearable pain whenever I did so, or even tried. I was so worried that it might need amputating. My GP kept prescribing strong pain killers for the pain and insulin to keep my diabetes in check. I became so dependant on other people for support, I was not able to do even basic things by myself I was in agony.

My son took me to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a full body MOT. The first thing that Dr Stephen Ferguson did was to carry out a live blood test. This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, watching my blood function. However the bad thing was my blood circulation was so poor, all clogged. I was put on 8 weeks programme, where I had to take vitamins and food supplements. Also Dr Stephen Ferguson gave me plenty of advice on how to do good exercises for my knee and arm. I also had to change my diet, value what I eat, like trying to eat more natural foods.

After just 3 weeks, I felt huge difference in the way I felt. My blood sugar went down, the pain in my knee reduced; I could slightly bend it for a short while. I could swift my hand too which gave me so much joy.  I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for check up, but this time when he did the live blood test, the results were good. I was so overwhelmed at the results. I continued with my routine of vitamins and exercises. At the end of 8 weeks programme, I was a completely fit woman, I could fold my knee without trouble, I could raise my left hand above my head which was brilliant. I even had more energy than before, was able to do a lot of things than before.

I stopped using pain killers, and I am so happy with myself. I am an independent person now; back to my old me, very mobile, energetic, enjoying life really. I am still taking my vitamins and food supplements daily. I am so glad I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, and did the live blood test. This programme is life changing and I would urge anyone who has not tried it to come and do the full body MOT.