Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I was so miserable with high blood pressure but happy I am healed- Live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had hypertension, back pain, aches all over my body and was also over weight. I felt like my entire body system was crushing down. I was in so much  pain and I felt so heavy more like I was lifting  a heavy load, I feared I was going to become crippled at any time. This whole feeling made me so miserable, so teary all the time. I became so worry not knowing what would happen to me in the future. My family and friends were so worried about me, my children especially were so sad and whenever they saw me crying they would also break down and cry, so we would all cry together. They became my comforter, it was very upsetting for me to be in helpless position. I visited several clinics, I even did acupuncture but nothing really made an impact. My Gp just kept prescribing pain killers, which didn’t do much, just a simple relief may be.

I thought of going to Dr Stephen Ferguson and do a live blood test. I was even afraid of the live blood test because I imagined what if I was told very terrible news that I couldn’t handle! But anyway I put my worries and fears apart and decided to go for it.  The live blood test showed that my blood circulation was terrible, it was so poor. This was a shocker. I am terrible at handling bad news, but the good news was that Dr Stephen Ferguson at least gave me some reassurance that I would get better if I joined the programme.

Dr Stephen Ferguson then put me on 8 weeks programme where I had to take vitamins and food supplements. He strongly advised me to change my diet and do exercising. I made sure that I followed the programme and also included exercising in my daily routine.

Half way through the programme, there were significant changes in the way I felt, back pain was gone, blood pressure went down, aches and pains disappeared lost weight too. By the time I completed the programme, I felt fantastic, very energetic, so much in control of myself and my body, fatigue had completely gone. I was so happy within, never imagined would ever feel this strong again. When I went back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson again for re live blood test, I was so amazed at how different my blood was this time around.

My family and friends were so happy for me, my children especially, happy to see me smiling and laughing in a very long time. Life kept getting better, I continued to feel better everyday and continued to lose weight as well which was fantastic.

I would recommend anyone who hasn’t done the full body MOT, to come and do it now at Dr Stephen Ferguson’s Natural Health Clinic. My children have already come for the live blood test as I don’t want them to go through what I went through.



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