Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Skin problem solved, such a good feeling- Live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because of fatigue, bloated stomach, skin disorder and over weight. I had a lot of pain all over my body for along time, and stomach discomfort, especially after eating. Sometimes this could deter me from eating. My skin was so terrible that it would scare me to go out at times. This affected my social life; I always thought I was not good enough to meet other people, more so I was always nervous that people would be staring at me. I had stayed out of a relationship for a long time and I felt I needed some one, but I guess my appearance was not doing me any favour. I thought for me to find love I had to get better and also feel better. You have to love yourself before you love someone else.

I decided to go and see Dr Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic for a live blood test. This was the first time I ever heard of live blood test. Also it was the first time I ever done one so wasn’t sure what to expect, had a nervous feeling.

The live blood test revealed that my blood flow was not good and that this was the reason for all the discomfort I had and felt. Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8 weeks programme, where I had to take vitamins and food supplements, plus exercising. After 4 weeks, the pain reduced, especially my shoulders felt lighter. I had more energy than before. I could do my house work, shopping and many other things that had become very difficult for me to do. Exercising made my body and muscles toned. My skin looked much better and also younger. I felt nice and fresh and younger. My stomach had gone down too, since the bloating had gone I could lie down to sleep without any trouble like before.

By 8 weeks, I had lost 2 stones which was the best news that had happened to me in a very long time. I completely looked slimmer. My family and friends were so happy for me, because it was hard for them to see me suffering. Everyone kept telling me how younger I looked and how nice my skin looked.

I am very appreciative of Dr Stephen Ferguson and I would recommend every one to come and do the full body MOT and the live blood test.

I am still taking the vitamins and food supplements together with regular exercising.



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